Dannica finished high school while working for her aunt’s sari-sari store in their province. To earn money, she would also make paper roses for special occasions, selling each for Php 10. She made crafts through lettering and drawings, and other projects for people and accepted whatever amount they were willing to give. When she had some extra money, she would buy ingredients for polvoron, maruya, maja blanca, and other delicacies that she can make and sell these for Php 5 each in their neighborhood. Through this, she can earn Php 50, which becomes her allowance for about two days.

Her parents used to tell her that she couldn’t go to college because they cannot afford it. They would advise her to get a job instead to be able to help them out. But this only fanned the flame inside of her to excel in her studies and succeed.

After graduating high school, she went to Manila with her sister in hopes of getting into college. But when their family got hit by yet another crisis, she had to go back to Quezon Province and get a part time job. She eventually found out about our Real LIFE Scholarship Program.

During the application process, she went back to school, but when her father suffered from a heart attack, she had to go back to their province and work as a sales lady at a glassware store while selling rice cakes on the side. In the midst of her bleak situation, hope arose as her scholarship with Real LIFE was approved.

Dannica had recently graduated from the Eulogio “Amang” Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology (EARIST) with a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Psychology, Cum Laude, this year.

She says Real LIFE became an avenue where God provided all that she needed in and out of school, empowered her to be a servant leader, and taught her how to make wise decisions and appreciate others. She is grateful for all the love and support she had received from her coaches and coordinators even through the hard times.

She hopes to get a job in social welfare. She also wants to pursue studies in the fields of guidance and counseling for kids.

Dannica’s life is just one of the many that have been impacted by Real LIFE. Many more lives will be changed through the continuous support of our partners as we change a life and change the nation. To be part of the stories of our scholars, click here.

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